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Kimbie Mills' Journal
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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002
7:43 pm
quiz time!

YAY!  I&apos;m Buffy!
Which Female Buffy Character are you? Find out!

Ooh...I&apos;m Phoebe!
Which 'Friend' Are You?Find out!

Pretty!  I&apos;m a rose!
Which Flower Are You?Find out!

Fuck Yeah!  I&apos;m Oz!
Which American Pie Dude are You?Find out!

Fuckit, I&apos;m Sara!
Which Angelina Jolie are you? Find out!
Monday, December 2nd, 2002
9:02 pm
ok. hope this works.
pictures! ok, have pictures of botb and other random things. :)

this is vto, kay, carolyn and me...:)

emily and fiona...fiona, wat ARE u holding?? :P

belles of the botb, me emz and dicky :) soo much fun!

wat a shitty pic of me...aiya..:)

ARRG!!! who is that ugly woman with bad hair?!?! AAAAAAAHAHAA *claps hands, laughs with hand over mouth* no pak, u're very bootiful.

well. goodie. i hope i did it right.

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, December 1st, 2002
4:58 pm

Current Mood: nerdy
12:01 pm
do u ever get that feeling where u kno that if u just went *poof* and disapeared, no one would notice? just sitting here with this big HUGE empty feeling. no one to talk to. nothing to thing about (or is it just too earli). no where to go. sigh.

ok. i'll stop being pathetic. tony, what's an address of a photo? i didn't realise pictures had addresses...
...considering joining xanga, but don't wanna be a traitor. but loook how many yr13 kgvers use it... :)

Current Mood: depressed
Saturday, November 30th, 2002
2:20 pm
ok, have just downloaded the ...semagic wateva wateva thingy for the computer...computers seriously confuse me sometimes...i still dunno how to put pics up, would someone PLEASE explain to me how to do that?! coz i have botb pics i wanna put up (and NO they're NOT of pineapple head, i didn't get a chance, i was sooo busy). dayem. anyway, yeh went to botb3 last nite. was one of the only 5 yr13s there. and keith was only there coz he was playing. and ..i assume sherwin was there for either keith or his gf. and me emma and dicky were there to sell drinks. which was FUN. altho, by the end of the nite, my jeans were completely SOAKED and so were the sleaves of my shirt...AND my arms were FREEZING from all the dunking in and out of ice cold water looking for COKE.COKELIGHT.NESTEA.SPRITE.WATER. the words i had been shouting over the noise for..how many hours did it last? who knows...anyway, like i was saying, it was fun. emz taught me how to do that cool rave twisty thing (aaahaha) and then i spent the next hour teaching yr8 girls how to do it (coz we was selling rave lights for stpaul). was very impressed to hear that hugh is an excellent raver, but wanna see proof!!! i'm just trying to remember what all the bands were...
first one was adam tams, and omg can he sing! i was like, oh crappy immature boys coming on stage, great....but they were really good, was very impressed. and he's very good looking...but lucky for him, i'm NOT a pedo!!! then it was...oh yeh!! that annoying guy who used to be on my bus, i think his name is joe slater?!? his band dressed up like batman, and were shit. that's all i have to say about them.
then keith's band, with andrew?! wow, he's very very good. andrew that is. did all these songs i liked, including mikeyjackson aahaha. really enjoyed listening to that band, but had a fucking stupid name, couldn't pronounce it so hadta keep cheering 'keith's band!!!' with emz.
then a break, and my jeans got totally soaked, coz we suddenly got loaads of requests for drinks....great.
back to bands, ...uhh...oh yeh, john park's one. sang some very very funi, very very shitty songs. that huge guitar guy (don't remember his name) in yr12 came on stage thru the crowd in a gorilla costume, entertaining, but pointless. i suppose they needed something to distract us from the terrible noise they were making. like i sed, their songs were funi...but crap.
then the sexiest band, of all time. i think it was during this band that i lost my voice...guess who? ahahahaa. he was dressed very...u kno those local boys who dress like they're gay? yeh, like that. but he made it look sexy. of course. AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. anyway! they were very good, but didn't get to get foto wid dennis, like he promised...grrr...and btw, he's NOT korean. howeva much u guys say it, it not gonna be true. :P
lastly, was feedback. don't need to say anythign about them. it's all obvious. however, they did do something which was very entertaining. honestas ante honouras, rock style, it was very clever. must say, alex ward is excellent performer, even tho she looks a bit..insane at times. but she's very good, very confident. altho, if i had her voice, i'd prob be confident too :).
anyway, yes. it ended up being a compeition between keith's band and feedback (there really wasn't any other competition, altho, give adam tam's band time...) and it resulted in a draw, which was boring.
have decided there are alot of loveable yr12s out there. eric (mr. 'kimchi' & 'where's the pie?!?!'); ruth and jeremy (i learnt his name); sonny!! (we raved together, aahaha); jp(?) (not so much..loveable.. ;P); uhoh, i forgot there rest of their names....AAAHAHAHAHA. oh and a special mention to ian, who has left kgv, but is still loveable (altho i hate him coz he gets to live in thailand...goddamn).

omg. must say tho, there are alot of yr8/9/10/11/12 hos!!! not so much yr12, but lower skool, omg!!!! it was like...whore make up, whore outfits, whore attitudes...i don't remember ever going thru that phase...not to mention any names (yasmin)...but it wasn't just her. it was like...if u were a giant, and u picked a person outta the hall, there would've been a 90% chance of picking out a whore. (yes tony, i'm actually doing my stats hwk now. aaahaha.)

..sori, i like using the word whore. speaking of whores, stephanie must have alot of enemies, considering there is yet another bitchy letter to 'someone' on her webpage, and i have no idea what she's refering to, so i'm assuming it's not to me...

OKIE. have sed enough i think. that was a LOONG blog, for me. i'll post pics later, when someone teaches me HOW TO! i had something else to say, but i forgot. dayem son.
goodie. carol concert coming up and i LOVE xmas. everyone is getting presents this year, since it's my last kgv xmas. so i gonna havta start shopping soon. and i have over 60 cards to write. DAYEM SON. aahaha ian ho reference there.
btw: if u think u're on my xmas list and u have a wish list, drop hints!!! coz i have NO idea what to buy for some people.
also, if u're male, i need ideas. i never kno what to buy for guys...altho, i did see a funi towel in mong kok...aaaahahaha. might buy it for abi. AAAHAHAH.
oki. am going now. havta get ready for chem lesson. whoopie.

i love this song. aaaaaahahhaa. too orgasmic. brings back memories AHAHA.

Current Mood: blank
Wednesday, November 27th, 2002
11:02 pm
omg. 2 pineapple free days. how will i survive?
aaahahhaa. hello. or is it hullo? abi and neel have got this 'hullo' stuck in my head. ...anyway!
i gonna make this short. OMG. last nite, i had 13 hours sleep. FUCK. i just could not wake up. just got the bus, the bus driver has started to not open the door to me until i look guilty for making him wait. god damn ass.
skool was boring. apart from the ssc talking things. which were shit. all of them were more shit than mine. and mine was shit. ...atually sonny's (jansen) was very good. and mansi's too, until they brought out the fearful cans. omg, they brought back some bad memories. to this day, i can't look at em c. drinking from a can, without running away in fear. AAAAHAHAHAH. anyway. oh, i also thought rohan was quite good. the bumble bee one was entertaining...but i'm not gonna vote for them. altho, i did have a question. where did they get their wings?!?! i want some!
yeh. went to circuit training afterskool. aparantely, my back is 'too' flexible (meaning i make people in my class crigne...great!) and the back of my legs are too stiff. GREAT. i hate my body today. god.

and what is with ani and gary ALWAYS having to argue with me? or the rest of the class for that matter? they always havta argue. even if they don't believe what they're saying. such a waste of time. our class is sooo behind, coz all they do is argue. grrrrrr....

ok. bye. btw: fiona. u DON'T sound like carolyn.

Current Mood: predatory
Friday, November 22nd, 2002
10:00 pm
HAPPY BDAY TONY!!! i hope u got lots of presents...hehee, coz u're not getting one from me!!! j/k, what do u want? qoo? talking about presents, i'm thinking of arranging to get mr. barnes a tellytubby present from our maths class, u have any ideas? did i even spell it right?! aaahaha, barnes is sooo funi! sigh..
what to say?! i think i'm just gonna talk about today, not update, there's too much to say :). i've been finding out ALOT of weird shit recently, and alot of weird connections...it's such a small world! aaaahaha. BTW thank u so much to all kgvers who are taking part in the 'hate-that-whore' activies...unfortunately, we can't see pics of her 'boobies' any more, coz she was getting too much hate mail! keep up the good work, aaaaaahahaa.
today was....boring. had a lazy period 1 and 2, where i sang, dissed sluts and studied for chemistry...AAAHAHA. yeh, rite. maths was fun, as usual. love having mr barnes, he's just TOO entertaining.
chem. i. fucked. up. majorly. goddamn. FUUCK. assessed practical. i fucked up. DAMNIT. GOD DAMN FIONA!!!!! how fucking difficult was that stupid chemistry?! i messsed up!
then p.e. i forgot my kit, so i did nothing. oh, i ate a maxibon. great.

afterskool, went around with carolyn looking to talk to people about the chamber choir, then gave up coz couldn't find everyone. will write them emails instead. went with vto to grand century, bought some stationary, SOO PRETTY, then talked for ....aggeess...a little less than 2 hours. and had BBTEA!! OF COURSE. i love bubble tea. omg. it's sooo addictive.
i bought more hair dye today, but am not gonna use it until i get totally sick of this current colour...it's bad for the hair if i dye it too much, but it's sooo addictive..everythign is addictive these days...

aahahah tony!!! about my current pedophilia obsession...i talked to the sexy pineapple, and have realised how truely sick i am. TOO YOUNG, TOO YOUNG! aaaaaaaahahahahahahaha. however, he will be singing along side u...which is good. very good.....*excellent* (sed like that evil simpsons dude...:P)

does anyone else think there are some SERIOUSLY STRANGE year 11s out there?! some of them really freak me out...

anyway. that was an extremely badly written entry...i'm gonna stop before it gets any worse. soemthing wrong with me, can't post very well these days. SORI TO CHIKA FOR NEVER UPDATING...i usually read, i just don't have anything interesting to say....or else, i don't want it out for everyone to see :P

omg. watch 24, if u're not already doing so. OMG. it's sooo good!!!!

once again HAPPY BDAY TONY!!!
i was gonna put high as my current mood, then realised i wasn't the one who had 'already rolled 3 jts for the weekend...' ...riiiite.

Current Mood: weird
Monday, November 11th, 2002
7:27 pm
wah. when i'm stressed, i'm content....
Test Results
You think of yourself as being hot, passionate, sexy, and warm.
Others think of you as being agressive, wild, fearless, and powerful.
Your relationships can be described as calm, peaceful, beautiful, and serene.
When stressed, you feel content.
Take this test here.

i havn't posted for ages. lots of things whirling around in my head. but nothing i can put down on my lj. am feeling stressed, and definitely not content...i'll post when i have something to say, but just wanted to remember that quiz result. makes me smile.

Current Mood: crappy
Friday, October 18th, 2002
8:13 pm
i'm back...yet again
i havn't written here in ages and ages, but that's coz alot of the stuff that's been going on, hasn't been lj material. :) this half term hol has been so hectic, spending 3 hours singing with juniors yesterday was actually a bit of a relaxing fun time. god those yr7-8 boys can sing high. i mean, we're talking higher than yours truly, who, btw, has a very very sore throat. i've been cleaning out my room, which is chaos (is that how u spell it?) at the moment, with photos and cards and books and magazines everywhere! gosh. i really needa start my r.s. work, and i needa start doing some maths hwk. i'm slacking so much, it's bad. i promised myself i'd try harder, but it's just so difficult.
I DOWNLOADED FRIENDS!! and i've seen the first episode in series nine. friends still makes me laugh out loud. hehe.
tip to all fellow movies goers: DO NOT WATCH STOLEN SUMMER. the biggest piece of shit i have ever hadta sit thru. omg. i would rather watch titanic twice than half of that stupid movie. bad movie. don't watch it. ever.
i need good places in hong kong to eat. anywhere. nice restaurants. some friends of mine wanna have anice dinner together and i'm trying give them some advice. anyone have a favourite restaurant? even if it's on hong kong side. actually, hong kong side would be more convenient. thanks.
i got my ucas thingy reply back today. it made me nervous looking at it. so i put it back with all the mail, in the kitchen, and MY FUCKING BIRD ATE IT. omg. so now it's got a bit chewed out of it. damn.
ahaha. when i was clearing out my room, i found a picture of isi from...yr7 or 8. eating. hehehehhehe. she looks exactly the same as now. actually so do i. i just wish my baby fat would piss off and leave me alone.
ok. gonna go, might write more later.

Current Mood: lazy
Thursday, September 26th, 2002
6:32 pm
u can do it
and i did! halfway thru today, i thought i was gonna throw up my brains. but i got thru it, and it was sooo much fun! congrats to rowell for winning, and to tang for beating all those records. altho, it was a bit gross, about those skin tight pants...not nice. but i'm so happy! today was a 2 day. second in the relay, second in the cheerleading comp (altho we obviously deserved first :P), and SECOND IN THE GALA! omgomgomg! i thought we was gonna come last. ok, maybe when hojae was captain we came first, but i think second is pretty damn good...esp when we started off last. and i'm so upset that we don't get medals for second place in the relay. :( but too bad. i still enjoyed myself today. i loved cheerleading. but i have 'u can do it put ur back into it' stuck in my head! and the dance. what a great dance. yay!
well. nothing much has been happening. NOT. but salem is the biggest, by far. i'm so happy!!! i love doing salem. i'm not allowed to talk about it too much, coz i don't wanna start another fight, but let's just say i'm having a GREAT time. i love being with kathy and kay, and the jennies and sling, and JOSEPH aaahahahhaa!! joseph is great, he's sooo funi! he cracks us all up, with his dancing/cheerleading...i must've seen it at least 10 times, and it still cracks me up. not even like...hahahha. it's more like AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! u gotta love joseph.
sigh. i've been downloading loads of songs, and finally found a playlist i'm happy with. goodie.
i can't talk about anythign else that's going on in my life, WHICH SUCKS. coz i wanna be able to tell everyone. but poo. poopie, poo are my new fav words.

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, September 12th, 2002
9:56 pm
just got my computer back. it keeps crashing, so sent it back to my dad's office for them to check. yesterday was a kinda crappy bday. thanks for the 2 bday messages. ONLY 2. poo. anyway. tomoz i got up earli, coz my parents woke me up, and we all sat on my bed while i opened my presents from them and flori. my parents had already gotten me this yummy sony discman, but they like giving me things on my bday, so i got 3 JAMES BOND VCDS!! yay!! i lurve james bond. and i got one billy connolly dvd!! yay!!! and then they gave me sasa coupons and hmv coupons and the spa (beauty salon) coupons!! weee!! and my dad gave me this GRRREAT AB FAB CARD, that plays this message from joanna lumley! absolutely fabulous! "alright then darling, have an absolutely fabulous birthday sweetie! me and pats will be round later with some bolly, help celebrate darling, help celebrate!!" hooray!!! and flori gave me this gorgeous silver frame, with 6 places to put pics!
then i got on the bus (late, again!) and sat. and sat. and waited. and waited some more. and eve completely forgot about my bday. and i hinted. and still nothing. and then tash realised, and i got lots of hugs, and the bus sang happy bday too me..:) fun fun! umm...then i got to skool. and no one remembered my bday, except isi, wonderful isi, who made me feel happy, coz she remembered. even tho she only mouthed it :) and then i got 3 sms msgs!! from vto! very sweet! and hojae!! very sweeet!!! and my dad! also sweet! then got call from hojae!!! YAY! "happy bday birthday girl" weeee!! then had all lessons, and sat thru many people forgetting bday. poo.
then T8!!!! just before lunch, and p.s.e. poo! so hadta go home and stay home for bday!!!! arrgg!!! and when i got home, computer was busted. so only just got it back today. so hadta sit at home, no computer, nothing. poo.
but day got better. hojae called me. aunts and uncles called me. one aunt and uncle even put me on speaker phone and sang happy bday! yay! then i watched billy! yay! and slept! yay! and then had dinner with family, and big chocolate marsbar cake! then watched GOLDFINGER!!!! bond, james bond. my hero. but i still like pierce b bestest! :)
so i did no homework yesterday. goodie. and no personal statement. just reeelaxxed!!! yay!!

OOH!! and TODAY!! I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY AT THE UPSDELL GIRLS!!! WTF!!! CAN'T EVEN SWIM 2 LAPS FOR THEIR FUCKING HOUSE!! i'm not asking that much. shit. people make me so angry.
..umm...yeh. i bought myself a bday present today, when i went out with vto, to book all our bday celebrations. BOUGHT MY DKNY BAG!!! omgomgomgomgomg!! beeaauutiffuull pink silk bag, am happy happy girly! hooray!! omg. is so gorgeous! now am going to plan outfit for party tomoz! wat to wear, wat to wear?? u kno, alot has happened today, but i forgot it all. so i can't write a longer entry. sori :) hehe. i go now. kisses all round! poo.

..no more space for my song. damn.

Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
5:55 pm
wah. 911.
my bday tomoz. weeee!! so excited. finally 17. already got 2 presents!! both sony! discman from parents and pink&blue bubble speakers from abi!!! yay!! and have more on my wishlist, if anyone interested! more sony: the new headphones that loop around the ear and behind the head...with that..strange wire...it's blue! and the sony earphones that clip onto each ear, with 2 colours, the caramel and leopard print! and this goorgeous pink silk 80% off DKNY shoulder bag. omg. v sexy. uuhh...i can't think of anything else.
saw ina today, she told me to update so i am. yr12 swim heats today, very fun...ha! havta half carry annie to the freestyle race...ggrrrr, but good fun trying to make people swim. then had meeting for all yr7 and 8...which was good! the juniors are SOOO enthusiastic!!! omg. they wanna do everything! great!!
just got home from 'the spa' beauty place right next to my house. now have sexy bright red hairless armpits and nice clean..ish...face! yay! except...strange facial lady painted on my mask with a chinese caligraphy brush...felt a bit...odd.. :)
i so hungry all day! and i getting so fat!! omg..this is terrible. i'm ballooning out. hojae is gonna come back to find a potato where his girlfriend used to be!! u kno, he saw me on the webcam, i told me my face looked like a potato...fuck. he's so sweet.
i havn't done any work. damn. too tired to work. will go swimming later, if it's not SO FUCKING MISERABLE. the weather, i mean. shit. it was SOOO hot by the pool today..i was sweating like a guy...ok not THAT bad, but still...and now it's fucking raining soo hard!! i needa practice for gala!! can't look like an idiot swim captain.. :)
i have nothing more to say. i forgot everything as soon as it happens to me, as opposed to ina, who seems to record her every moment and thought, then tell us all in a 5000 word essay :). hehe. no offence, of course.

fingers crossed my bday won't be as disasterous as last yr. :(

Current Mood: hungry
Monday, September 2nd, 2002
6:51 pm
skool. dayem.
went to skool. grrrrr. went to maths and r.s. and music, all happy. went to chem. coates encourages me to continue chem. I DO!!! how DUMB am i? arrrg. i prob drop it.
went with fern, eva, dini, jaime, vto and kay to spag house, in grand century. made too much noise. got ditched by a CERTAIN FRIEND and his bitch. gossiped alot. laughed alot. blahblahblah.
still hate skool, don't wanna share ssc with cocky yr12 ppl. what is WITH this BBQ thing?! we havta PAY!? my ass.

Current Mood: chipper
Sunday, September 1st, 2002
10:40 pm
poo. i hate skool.
ahahahahahaha. i was just reading all the entries i've missed from not looking at lj for a while, and this one reminded me of when ho and i were in bangkok, at the chatuchak market. i was looking at a a skirt, and all of a sudden hoje's head pops out of nowhere and he goes "KIMBIE! it's a he-she...what do i do? hurry, come look!!" aahahaha. i've never seen him so confused...oops. whatam i saying, this is howard, he's always confused. anyway. i looked round the corner, and there was this...woman..man...person. it was kinda freaky...coz she-he was kinda pretty, but so obviously...male..anyway. yeh.
it's skool tomoz, and i do NOT want to go back. i wanna go to NYU. :) been talking to ho about it, and it sounds incredible, he is so fucking lucky. i just wish he could get rid of the stupid firewall, does anyone kno how to get rid of those things?
i can't be bothered to type anymore. i woke up at 6:30pm today, and i'm still tired. i'll talk more later.

oh, i took the sex test. just an excuse to put naked ppl on my lj, of course :).

i am

what sexual performer are you?
Saturday, August 24th, 2002
6:29 pm
i have not used lj in ages and ages, but i got so bored, and i have nothing else to do, so it'll have to be this. for the past 30 hours, i have been sitting in my house, sad and lonely, writing emails to hojae, talking to people about hojae, thinking about hojae...i'm obsessed. i really miss him, and he's only been gone..less than 2 days...altho the last time i saw him was thursday nite...just before my nice taxi driver gave me all his tissues. i can't believe everyone is leaving, this really sucks. i hate kgv, don't want to have to spend ANOTHER year there. it's been 6 years, why can't we just skip the 7th and go straight to the uni years? damn. at least he'll be back for christmas, i can't WAIT. i just installed my new webcam, so that we can use video chat over the weekends, when he's not busy. and this little camera is SO addictive, i just keep taking photos. 'this is tired kimbie, sad kimbie, weird kimbie, ugly kimbie, etc'. just before ho left, he made me this adorable clip, very sweet...it just makes me miss him more. i miss his voice, and his face, and the cute little things he says...geez. i am REALLY not gonna get used to him not being around. but i guess i was lucky to at least get 2 years with him. :) yay.
oohhh, on the day before he left, the last day i was with him, we went and got discmen for our birthdays (don't ask, his is in june, mine sept) and mine is SOOO sexi. sony, white, very slim, very cute. and i'm gonna get those cute pink and blue bubble sony speakers to go with it. yay, can't wait. i'm very sad.
oops. and i just remembered, this is very bad. i havn't done any of the set homework, r.s. and maths...maths i'll prob be able to get out of the way, but the r.s....well, i missed quite a few classes, and i have NO idea what it's about. isi's prob already finished it, right? ooh! isi, that reminds me, i'm making copies of the photos tomorrow, so .... i dunno when i'll give them to u.
what is this thing in skool on the 26th? with mr. pritchard, or wateva...is anyone going to that?
this is how sad i am. i have nothing more to say, execpt that i have managed to finish the entire friends series, and have now started on will and grace. i have satc, it is the most boring, stupid show, ever. i just can't sit thru whole episodes...it's so bland. stupid stupid show. like dawson's ass, or wateva that show is called. dumb show.
ok. gonna go now. hello again everyone, hopefully will be talking more frequently from now on.
OH and goodbye and good luck to sud, who is leaving tonite for NYU!!! to protect my big baby from all those bullets. :)

Current Mood: sleepy
Saturday, August 17th, 2002
4:28 pm
not used this in a LOOONG time
wow. i'm back again. i dunno where to begin, there's so much to tell, but i've prob forgotten it all. i feel like i've been all over the place this summer...well, i have. first to england, to see unis with isi and the work experience. then to australia for more work experience. all the while, doing tons and tons of shopping...in fact, i'm gonna calculate how much i spent, hang on. ....Oh God...in the uk and australia alone..i spent HK$8400...and that's not counting all the times i got my dad to pay, or all the money i've been spending in hong kong...and then i spent another HK$1000 in bangkok, which is where i went with hojae for 6 days....shit. i've been spending waaayy too much money. but i got loads of fun things. IN UK, i got a flying pig, aaaaaahahaahaha. ok. that's sad. :) but i've had so much fun this holiday. god.
i'm gonna write about bangkok, coz it was the most fun i've had in a long time, and also it's the only country i can remember anything about. it's terrible, my memory is so bad, i can't even remember like...things i did yesterday. i picked up my mom from the airport, but that's all i remember.
bangkok is the most amazing holiday i've had in a long time, it was soooo much fun!! omg. howard and i went thru quite a fair bit of trouble to get to go on this holiday. i mean, first, we got ABANDONED...but i'm not supposed to go into that. so i figured the only way my parents would let me go on holiday with ho, was if we went to stay with someone we kno well. so i chose my aunt, who lives in bangkok, and has 2 sons. and a HUGE penthouse. in the middle of town...sorta...bangkok don't really have a main area...ANYWAY. so, i arranged all the ticket bookings and everything from australia, and we thought up a little white lie to tell his parents...not so little, i guess. :) and suddenly, there i am, waking up at 4:30am thursday morning, getting ready to pick up hojae, and go to the airport express! yay! SHIT, OK i havta go now. i'm gonna continue later, when i get bored again. bye

Current Mood: gloomy
Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
4:41 pm
fuck everything
am so pms. at everything. this fucking keyboard. the woman i just paid to cover my armpits in burning hot wax and rip it off again, without powder or cream or anything. fucking australia. just wanna come hooooommmeeee.... am very unhappy. why are u all having more fun than me. no more money left on this machine, havta go.
Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
4:09 pm
ok. very very very very embarassed. fuck.

today is last day of work, and i was so bored in my 'office', that i started eating nuts and candy and stuff and reading my books and staring into space and shit. then i come down to the computers, like....15 minutes ago, and randomly start sending emails and reading things on the net, and then was reading everyone's posts on LJ, when i feel this tap on my shoulder, and my boss was like: here kimberley (hands me an envelope), this is for u, i'd just like to say thank u for all ur hard work and efforts. it's been great having u on our teams blahblahblah.' and i'm sitting here with fucking LJ infront of me, trying to innocently close it or something and then he leaves. arrgg!! i've been too embarassed to open it, but it's so obvious it's my paycheck. i wasn't even expecting one, which is why i've been fucking around...crap. it looks like...it looks like very little money, which sucks shit. ...my curiousity has gotten the better of me, hang on, am opening it.....ok. was wrong. is quite a bit of money. altho...not alot. considering hojae got 2000 bucks i think...or was it 1000? i don't remember now, but it was alot. i got 100 australian dollars, and since the dollar is so low, that's only like....450-500 hk bucks. damn. maybe i should've worked a bit harder. or at least should've pretended to be doing some work. oh well. now i can go out and buy more useless things. ho sed according to koreans, i havta buy my parents some underwear on my first paycheck....kinda gross. i'll get them some socks. great. altho, i better spend this money now, coz knowing my mom, she'll make me give it back.

anyway! have booked tickets for thailand. does anyone kno if i need a visa? and does a korean passport need a visa? do south koreans and north koreans have the same passport? i think they do. maybe he does need a visa. i havta check. i'm so excited. yay.

i'm seeing ali g and the sweetest thing today. i think. can't wait! have seen about a boy, it was sooo good, cannot stop going on about it. and i can't wait for austin powers. is mr. deeds coming out in hong kong? and can anyone tell me how much new release cds are in hong kong? coz i think australia is cheaper, but i havta check. don't wanna be buying things here and find they're checker in the place that i live. stupid.

ok. i have another 40 minutes to waste, before my last day is over. goodie. ......ho hum...

wtf am i supposed to do? grrrrr. my mom went and saw dirty deeds without me. kinda pms at her. i wanted to watch it. oh well. bought this yummy eyeliner yesterday, a smokey colour, very sexi, hehe. but am not really a sexi person, and am not a make up person either. have always prefered natural. altho, that might just be coz i'm too lazy. oh well. when i truly need it, like...i'm disgusting and ugly and shit (i'm not am i?!) then i'll use it. ok. am bumbling now. i'll go now.

i hate reading all ur posts. they all look so much more interesting. :*(

shit. just realised. i think i was reading isi's: *LOOK AT THE UNUSUAL SHAPED PENIS* entry. dammit.
Monday, July 29th, 2002
4:44 pm
god. my life is getting more interesting, but work is still BORING.
work. is. so. goddamn. boring. shit.
i watched ABOUT A BOY yesterday. i dunno if it's out in hong kong yet, but it is so fucking good. very very funi. wow. i'm not a hugh grant fan, AT ALL, but he was very sexi in this movie, i havta admit. wow.'this is one film i'm buying once it comes out on dvd. i highly recommend it. altho, i do hate toni collette, i've hated her in all of her movies, but this one just has u thinking 'commit suicide already!' she plays this crazy woman who is all depressed and shit, and u just wanna slap her a few times, then poison her drink of hang her or something. god.
ok. am very happy. am booking tickets tonite, have spoken to my aunt, who laughed at me for buying the lonely planet guide to bangkok, and she's gonna book a trip for hoje and i for this short cruise or something, i don't remember. and i'm going to ride an elephant. yay. goodie.
ok, havta go now. am leaving earli, coz can't be bothered to stay. am going shopping. have hardly any money left, but am leaving on thursday so who cares.
AM GOING TO SEE HOJAE ON SATURDAY. am so excited, could burst. goodie. an then am leaving the following thursday, for a nice week alone with him. ....and a few cousins, but will ignore them. :) hehe.

isi. is ur hair dye permanant? coz i'm having fun over here with the 8 washes hair dyes. gonna go purple next.
Friday, July 26th, 2002
3:45 pm
long time no....uhh..
hi fiona! god, i've been away so long, so i'm a bit late with the welcome, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! god. this work place is soo incredible boring. but i do get my own office and my own phone (NO COMPUTERS!! OMG, i havta wait til the secretaries have gone), so i waste time in my office, reading 'pink' books, and chatting to hojae, who is having way more fun with me in korea, shopping and pulling groin muscles. god. BUT!! me and hoje are going to BANGKOK to visit my relatives, i've never been to thailand, i can't wait!! i've planned everything, even painted my toenails mandarin sherbet in ....i dunno, anyway, very excited. shopshopshopshopshop. i've gone broke. it's terrible. i am a terrible saver. god. how embarassing. AHAHA. my mom and i are going to see ali g this weekend!! she doesn't kno who he is, and when we bought the tickets, the ticket guy was dressed like ali g, with the glasses and the facial hair and everything, and i was laughing,and she was just like 'strange fashions here in melbourne, it never used to eb like this' and i hadta take her aside and explain. tsk. but she's being very cool, we're going to have a movie marathon this weekend if we can, and watch all of the movies that are out, coz there are sooo mant we wanna watch. u kno, australia kinda sucks, when it comes to shopping. everytime i buy something with one of those security thingys, they always forget to take it off, and i get stuff with bras that make me look like i have 3 boobs, coz there's this thing sticking out, so i havta visit every shop i shop at, twice. once to buy, and the second time to go back and have the fucking thing removed. i mean. U'D THINK IT WOULD BEEP WHEN I LEFT THE SHOP YEH? fucking shops. grrrrr....ok. the scary secretaries are back, so i better get off the computers! oki. more updates on my boring life later. tara!
..forgot. will remember later.
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